Graffiti has not always been considered as vandalism and been punishable by law. It has been possible to know more about the oldest periods and eras of our planet thanks to graffiti. The earliest form of graffiti have been found in caves and are believed to date back to 30,000 BCE. Natural pigments and animal bones were used to make these graffiti. The scenes of those walls were mostly representing animals and hunting scenes and were made in a very simplistic way.

During the ancient Roman time, in Egypt for example, graffitis were used to display love messages, political ideals. We also could find graffitis on Mayan sites, for example in Guatemala, and there are also graffiti of viking survival in Rome and Ireland that have been very helpful to the understanding of lifestyles and languages of past cultures.

In the more modern times, it is believed that graffiti came along with the hip-hop culture but there are everywhere on the planet, graffiti that were made during World War II by American troops, then Paris had its load of revolutionary and anarchist graffiti in May 1968. There’s even a popular graffito of 1970 made by young people who were hostile to the US President of this time, Richard Nixon.

Even though graffiti are punishable by law, one can admit that a lot of these are absolutely beautiful and a real art representation. So much, that it has made an enormous entrance in pop culture and is now common, even in clothing design. As an example, Marc Ecko (a urban clothing designer) has been a graffiti artist and is now designing clothes & sterling silver jewelry based on this graffiti inspiration. See his new collection of sterling silver rings and be amazed! These modern sterling silver pieces are getting fabulous reviews from the art community for their innovation and uniqueness. You may never look at sterling silver art the same way again.

Keith Haring, a pop-art artist who was very popular in the 80’s was a well-known graffiti artist. Haring considered that doing graffitis of city walls to give to the art of graffiti another dimension. Producing accessible pieces of art for commerce would cheapen his art, he said.

Among famous graffiti artists, the French crew 123Klan who ended up designing and producing logos and illustrations for companies like Nike, Adidas, Lamborghini, Coca Cola, Sony, Nasdaq and more.

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