A DJ, Disc Jockey or Deejay is a person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience, and who usually does that for a living. As funny as it can sound, the history of DJs drive us back to the 19th century, when Leon Scott invented the phonoautograph in France, the first device to record sound but with no method of playback. This invention evolved in 1877 thank to Charles Cros in France and Thomas Edison in the United States, who invented the phonograph cylinder, the first device to play back recorded sounds.

But there are five different types of DJs. There is a Radio DJ who selects and plays new and older music that is broadcasted on the radio or on the internet. Then there is a Club DJ who selects and play music in bars and nightclubs and even sometimes in places as big as stadiums. Hip-hop DJs are like any other type of DJ, except that they are using multiple turntables and they also do turntable scratching to create percussive sounds. Some DJs in reggae chat over pre-recorded tracks. And finally, there is a mobile DJ who’s traveling from place to place with portable sound systems and play recorded music at different types of events.

The equipment and techniques are often very similar. DJs usually work with both vinyl and digital records like MP3 players. They also need a good quality and powerful sound system for amplification and broadcasting of the recordings. They also need an audio mixer used to smoothly go from one song to another, and headphones. Some DJs use microphones if they want to introduce songs and speak to the audience, but this is optional. Some DJs add some more equipments to what’s really necessary, but it just depends on how a perfectionist the DJ wants to be.

Talking about a perfectionist, I knew one lad who did travel a lot. During one of his trips between gigs he was seriously injured and was unable to work. He outlook was bleak. Friends suggested he file for social security disability. But before he filled out the initial application, his girlfriend did a google search for ss disability lawyers and found a fellow who lived in the same area as they did. Instead of being part of the 60% to 70% of those initial claims that are denied, his social security disability lawyer was able to guide him through the initial application admirably well resulting in a rather quick acceptance. His social security disability attorney took care of everything for him starting with handling all the paperwork, and the initial filing. In addition he made sure that once the claim is accepted, the dj received his proper payment from the Social Security Administration. I’m glad to report this DJ is back and is in even higher demand than before the accident.

Today, there are even softwares that have been invented and created by DJs. These even convinced the true vinyl record aficionados to transition to becoming digital vinyl users.

Although Haring had a very brief career, he touched a lot of people with his art. He was featured over 100 exhibitions as well as worked with numerous artists and performers such as Madonna, Grace Jones, Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol. He was able to attract a wide audience. His art has become a universally recognized visual language of the 20th century and the pop art movement. Even years after his death you still see his influence upon the visual arts.

Thank you much.

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