Big Digits is a two man party attack formed from the ashes of crashed computers dusted over dented dance floors. Starting up around 2003 in Cambridge and Sommerville (in Maryland), MC Mac Swell and TD have been making the kids sweat and shake with unrelenting beats that aim for the head and don’t stop till they reach the outer limits of your ability to stay jaded. Rhymes about getting down, getting out, and getting up leave couplets kicking around your mind for days afterward. Choruses become mantras to attain ultimate party focus. The compositions come from sampled hooks culled from forgotten records, mixed with hip-hop drum breaks and “4 on the floor” style electronic beats, all channeled into the direction of having a good time. It’s the soundtrack to those house parties where you danced without abandon, wished the moment could last forever, and for some unlucky souls ending up in a car accident cuz you were too pumped, or tired, or just too crazy high.

Do you have any memories of the frantic call to the parents from the emergency hospital room, the dealings with the cops, and in some cases, the parents calling a car accident lawyers to get advise as to whether there should be a lawsuit or to just follow through with the insurance claim? Or maybe the car accident was your fault, so you and your parents crossed fingers and hoped the other driver would settle with the car insurance lawyers and not sue you? Car accident lawyers are great to have on your side when you and the other driver are in dispute over who was at fault. And even better if you were significantly injured (bummer) and can prove the other driver is to blame. But let’s face it, no matter what happened, Big Digits would be there to get you up and dancin’ one more time. Enough of those painful memories. You are banished!

But there also some great memories of the pool parties in the back yard once your parents had had a large deck built along with an above ground pool. Remember the day you showed your father the online Orange County pool site that offered above ground pools ny? It turned out Royal Pools & Spas was just a (relatively) short drive from your home. Oh the excitement when your parents agreed that a back yard pool would be great for the summer. Then once the deck was created around the pool, you finally had a cool place all your friends were willing to hang out. Of course the neighbors weren’t so keen when you were blasting Smoke Machines music at midnight. But when they were away on vacation you could blast that music as loud and as late as you wanted. Super memories!

Big Digits also have self-released two albums, one is called “EP” and was released in 2003, and the other one is called # that was released in 2005.

They broke down and got a Myspace and then a Facebook page. They couldn’t stop themselves. Be their friend, please, it gets so lonely on the internet)

Now for another digression. Sometimes it gets so lonely that we occasionally send ourselves gift baskets. Now that might sound pathetic but it really isn’t. The gift baskets that we have found online are terrific. When we feel glum there’s nothing like a gift basket arriving filled with tasty treats. I’m particularly partial to cookie towers that have eleven different type of cookies in various size containers. MC is a chocolate freak, so we order a gift basket called “Chocolate Paradise” that has over eighty, yes I said eighty chocolate treats. The breakdown in the chocolate gift basket is as follows: a 16-piece box of chocolate-covered toffee, a 32-piece box of floral-shaped chocolates, a 4-piece box of filled truffles, and a unique heart-shaped chocolate box with 3 more perfect truffles. When something extra special needs celebrating we splurge on a champagne and chocolate fondue gift basket. MC brings the strawberries we dip in the chocolate fondu while we sip champagne from plastic cups. I keep saying we really should invest in some champagne flutes. Maybe I’ll look for a gift basket that includes them the next time there’s a big celebration.

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***** SPECIAL FEATURES ***** check out some of mac’s dj work:

(Olde Skool) Big Digits vs. M.I.A. : “Connect the Poor”

(Newer School) Big Digits vs. M.I.A. : “URACocoon”

Have a nice day!

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