The DJ business is huge in Las Vegas. Everywhere you look there is another night club opening up. They all have lines out the door with people who are dying to get inside to enjoy the atmosphere along with a few drinks. These places all have to find entertainers to keep the party goers happy. The truth is that the party scene is creating some exciting new acts. Some of these DJ’s can draw in quit a large crown of people who are all willing to shovel out money hand over fist for drinks while they dance & enjoy their favorite music. If you walk into any casino on the Strip in Las Vegas you will find at least one night club but in almost all of those cases there are multiple clubs in each casino. For those DJ’s lucky enough to get invited to some of the better clubs they can make as much in a single night as an average person makes in a whole year. That sounds pretty good for spinning a few records but these DJ’s are much more than the DJ’s of the past. Most of these young energetic music makers have created their very own sound which is not duplicated by anyone else in the industry. They make such money because they can actually make or break the success of a club. many of them have a core group of people who will travel to see the DJ or even pay big bucks to get into the party created when the DJ hits the stage.

The last time my Australian cousin was in town I took her nightclub hoping several nights in a row. She had a blast and was duly impressed with the DJ’s and the casinos as well. How can you not be? After all this is Las Vegas. Just recently I received an email from Faye inviting me to Australia next fall and told me we would go on an opposite type adventure from our Las Vegas bash, staying at the Griffins Hill Health Retreat in the heart of the Grampians in Victoria Australia, for a fitness and health boost retreat. Instead of staying up all night to the pulsating beats of the music, and dancing and drinking the night away, Faye and I will instead visit the Grampians region where there is abundant wildlife, lookouts, walking tracks, breathtaking vistas and waterfalls. I can hardly wait. Now returning to the Las Vegas night club / DJ scene… Some of these young wealthy music makers have even put down roots in the Las Vegas community creating job opportunities for moving companies, house cleaning services such as Mayberry Maids, as well as landscapers such as Rosales Landscaping and others.

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